Raw, Honest Feedback You Won't Get From Anyone Else

We've all been there.

Countless first, second and third dates… and then seemingly out of nowhere, the person just disappears, or as people say now- they ghosted.

The burning question… “What happened?”

Sad man looking at his phone

The SIMULATED DATE allows you to get that question answered
and so much more.

Fine Art of Dating offers something that no other Dating Coach or Mentor offers… the chance to have an AUTHENTIC DATING EXPERIENCE and then get immediate extensive feedback from our DATING PROFESSIONALS.

These first few dates are the crucial building blocks to a foundation of a potentially healthy relationship. On these initial encounters, it’s important to reveal some of your true self, but not to reveal too much. You want to come across as open and friendly, but you don’t want to expose all of your vulnerabilities all at once. Respect and vulnerability have to be earned. It’s also vital to establish healthy boundaries right up front. What are you willing to tolerate? What you are not. Are there core deal-breakers for you?

Sound confusing? Totally! There is absolutely an ART to dating. And there are some very tangible tools that can be learned in order to improve your craft.


The SIMULATED DATE goes down like this:

  • A Free 20-minute consultation to assess your needs/concerns/desires for dating.

  • in-the-zone150dark

    Commencement of the Simulated Date. SIMULATING DATING PERIOD (A.K.A. THE ZONE) commences.

    When you’re in THE ZONE- ALL communication/behavior occurs as if you are asking someone out on a real date and then going out on a real date.

  • You will receive feedback on your phone/texting etiquette one week prior to the date.

  • Go on a 2-hour simulated date. (That should feel exactly like a real date)

  • You will receive feedback on your phone/texting etiquette for one week after the date.